Council Structure

[Current Structure of the Council]

The council consists of experts from both countries with multifaceted competences in the key issues of energy transition in both countries.

Dr. Stefan Thomas, Director of the Research Division Energy, Transport and Climate Policy at the Wuppertal Institute, and Prof. Tatsuya Terazawa, Chairman and CEO of the Institute of Energy Economics Japan (IEEJ), are appointed Co-Chairs of the GJETC.

Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke, former president of the Wuppertal Institute and co-initiator of the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council, is functioning as Principal Advisor to the Council.

On the German side, the reputed Wuppertal Institute steers the Council’s work as the scientific secretariat. In Japan this role is fulfilled by the renowned Institute of Energy Economics Japan (IEEJ). ECOS Consult is responsible for the organizational secretariat and contributes with its long-standing competence in Japanese-German projects.

Council Members

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